Meem Website & Android App Usability Critique

Earlier this year, I was approached by the kind people at Meem for a UX team lead, and unfortunately I didn't get a call back.

Anyways, as a task, I was asked for a quick simple review of their services. So I decided to share this quick review I did with you.

I tried as much as possible to shorten my notes, and not to dive in too deep in some aspects, and those are the main highlights of the experience.

I would be able to further explain, prioritize and target better points if I had the expectations and the user personas, But this review is built on my own persona, the millennial designer and user.

So, let's dive in.

For example in this page, I like how there are two calls for action for the main functions one in the jumbotron and the other up on the header, signing up or in. I would probably invest in testing changing the color of signing up to be something else than the color of signing in.

This is not critical, but I would've appreciated seeing consistency here, the screenshot to be different for the arabic page than the english.

"زور أقرب مركز میم" To further show this as well, these two are ways to contact or reach Meem, but, as it shows doesn't seem like it's a link, and I wouldn't know if i should check or not, if it wasn't for the fact that the browser showed the finger icon around it, I would've not known.

For example here, I like how the call for action has a different color than "for more details"

Although I don't like when the call for action has the same color as the brand design color.

I love how there was a page to teach people how to register for the national address, it is a good move, although I'm not sure why it's only down there in the footer.

I don't like how there were PDF links in the footer other than pages, because PDF pages usually take users out of the website to an application on the phone, which is not advisable.

Also, the vat link is not working, I don't know why.

As for the locations page, I know it's not easy to ask users for geolocation but I would love to see that available so we show the ones closer to his place.

If not at least, give them the option to filter cities. I'm not sure of the google maps limitations, can the ratings for the place be omitted from showing? You have two branches in google maps with 3.7 ratings which is not motivating at all for a customer to visit.

When you sign in, these options are not clear and I had to hover over them in order for them to pop up

I love how the password change page has the options in a question way, and it opens a section with the action, has it been tested to show how people use it?

Because it looks beautiful and feels intuitive, but I'm not sure it is.

I had to click on both to check which one is actually the chosen option, the color is indistinguishable.

I see a lot of opportunities here to improve the currency change calculator, you could for example show the from field as the page uploads for the user, and to also do instant calculation without having to click on the button, also to change the key numbers in the bottom.

I like the products page, it made a lot of sense and I didn't have to leave the page, I was tempted to actually apply for two of them.

For transfers, I'm assuming there is a restriction on being able to paste the IBAN number for the beneficiary? Because it's a buzz killer.

So I tried to chat with the customer service, and this is what I saw.

It's not clear in the photo but half the chat window was outside the browser window.

As for the Android phone experience,

I have few comments, mainly, I'd say the web app has far more superior experience compared to the android phone app, I'm not sure how it is on the iOS.

Also, I don't see the app following Android design guidelines, which could be acceptable only when you design something better than it.

As you see in the first screenshot, I would've appreciated if the phone can actually get the information from SMS app, since integration is easier on Android.

The font use issue which doesn't show properly the text in the field. Also the white break in the button on the right border.

For an Arabic menu I'd expect the menu icon to be on the right, also usually users find easier way to tap on the right bottom side of the phone,

I'd have a quick access button with a menu of frequently used functions, I'd also use a combination of heat maps and observation sessions to actually check where people tap the most and why.

The menu is too long, has more to offer than a cheesecake factory menu, I'd actually invest time on rearranging that and rework this part of information architecture.

This page is too chaotic, feels like a print from a laundry invoice. There is no consistency, no interest and a clear bad use of space. This page needs a full re-work, and someone to work on IA.

This page has another issue, which is how small things are, we need to find a balance between the size of the page before and this one. And I don't see that these buttons use the Meem design guidelines.

After all, I overall appreciate this experience, it was in the main part acceptable and possible to use. I wouldn't say easy, but not hard as well.

I know they are working on a new design, and that was one of the main reasons I was called for an interview, although it would have been interesting to work on a re-design, I wish them all the best.