Wssel Android App usability critique

Hello humans of earth,

Our fourth review and probably the longest of another food delivery application, this week's application is Wssel.

Now I really have no idea who's behind this application. As one of the friends shared they have the same branding color of Foodora, which is probably an accident, since at least half the user interface is different. If you would like to check Foodora, do so, it's a German startup, their application is decent.

I actually like the design of the application, but that is never enough when it comes to user experience so let's see!

So in the start we get this beautiful shiny screen with what I assume a driver?


You get a 4 slides show on Wssel and what it does, which is decent.


I still don't know what "Received all you want" but I'm assuming it's a typo, and if it's I hope it gets fixed.


After passing through that slide show from 2008, no just joking, it is still a powerful tool sometimes, but you know how it would have been a great help in this case? It's regarding the next screen when it asks for your location. You can use the slides to tell the customer we need your location and we will ask for it for delivery purposes.


I liked how easy it looked to choose my location and was happy to tap choose address


Until I faced this screen. Notice that the red notification came without doing anything, it's a scary pop-up, and there are certain uses for red or shades of it in buttons, this is not one of them.


I entered my house number, I honestly don't know what will happen if I don't, I'll assume it'll ignore it.

Quick stop

All of you go and register your national address, go here National Address

I mean seriously it takes a minute or so?

Stop end

And then you choose the type of the building which is really unnecessary if you ask me especially that you have the location and the house number, I don't think you need more details than that. But I made sure to write everything I can.


It tells you that your address is saved with a cute pop up that has clear information, good job.

Although I see the house number changed to 7443 or the heck this is, but I hope it doesn't ruin my experience.


You then get a promotional message, unrelated to the app experience, I don't like this promotion, it's basically saying, use a card and you will get a discount for DELIVERY cost only and not now but NEXT time. It's a cipher, not a promotion.


After that you get a list for shops, restaurants, bakeries, groceries and so on.

So I chose restaurants, and this is the restaurant list page, I like it, clear photos, easy navigation and average time of delivery.

But, when I looked at the icon that that's next to 12 SAR it took me half a day to realize that's actually delivery price. I know, I am slow, don't judge me.

You can see here at the bottom the three buttons menu, shops, cart and personal info. It's decently put, although it took me time to realize it's there, I actually don't think it's their mistake or the design's in this case. I would like to test that.


So I chose one of the restaurants close to my place, you now get a rough estimate of delivery time, while in the restaurants list you get a single number delivery time, which I assume is the average.

You get a list of items, similar to Carriage's with the same issue I had with Jahez last week which is using both languages in a one language interface. It's a picky requirement, but it's really unneeded, it's just cluttering the screen.


I still wonder where بحرية طازج in the top of the page came from. But we are in the main dishes sublist, and as you see there's no consistency in using capital letters or not, it's just a chaos. Although as I mentioned earlier with HungerStation review is that it's sometimes out of their hands, but they should intervene in such cases, especially ones with spelling mistakes.


I'm gonna order me some chicken short order, I like short orders.

As you see in the order screen, there's not much, a share button? No customization option like Carriage.

And then down there, which you have to scroll for a number field for how many orders of the short order you would like.


After you tap on add to cart it will add a very small icon to your cart and bring you back to the restaurant menu as shown here.

And as I mentioned, although this one actually pops but it hardly shows, I would do a big animation from add to order that goes to the cart, one that is not annoying but satisfying.


If you choose the cart from the menu below you will get the following page which has good parts:

As you scroll down this page you see the rest of the items, asking for your notes, payment options and a clever easy to implement how much change you need field. In the end you will see a ticket like receipt, which to be honest is funny, but cute. It's a bit long like how much I complained about Carriage's but this one has a better flow.

So let's leave this page and get to the personal information side of the app. I don't have an account so this is a new registration.

I chose the personal information icon in the bottom of the page, and got this screen, which is a fair menu for a guest user.

To drive more signups I would have added an option to sign up while the user is checking out.

But since that's not the case here, I chose the login page to get access to creating a user page.

This is the login page, clear, simple and usable.

I added my phone number and it took me to this page, to add my a code, I would have appreciate Jahez's move to actually fill it without my help. And what is it with you guys and the one minute timer? It freaks me out.

So after registering in this very simple way you get to this menu, which is the full menu for a user.

Easy buttons and options, I'm not huge on the gifts button as the screen shows restaurants not even in my city, and I would like to see a better work there.

As for the support page there is only the phone number, which I am okay with as long the phone calls are helpful. I have not tried them to judge, but my issue here is the FAQ page, it has nothing. Only one tab that says security, and I'm still laughing about that.

I went to the payment method page and it has two clear buttons, one to pay once delivered and the other is using a credit card which you can add. It's a great little cute screen.

As for the saved addresses page, this is where I was actually disappointed. It says I don't have an address, what about the one I just almost ordered with?

I had to add that again, and it follows the same procedure you get in the beginning. I'm really disappointed here.

The final thing is about the groceries, you remember how I raved about how the menu style doesn't work with groceries for Carriage, well Wssel follows the same thing here.

As you can see in this page.

Let me just end with this review with appreciating the work Wssel team has done.

It shows that they care, and a lot of the user interfaces and experiences are borrowed from other applications, which is not something wrong if they work okay, but if they don't ignore them.

Are there areas to improve? Yes, how? Test. Don't ask me how, I give hints and remarks, but I'm not the only user. Care about your users and test. User input is not enough, we always ask for things we don't need. I want this feature, that feature and those features, in the end none of them are used. This is where testing comes, test everything.

This is the final food delivery app review so far, unless you have any recommendations, if so, share them with me.

Next week we are starting with something different.