So, is this another attemp at Tkmeel?

Nope, we are done.


that doesn't mean I stopped loving UX, seriously it's already integrated in in our blood. Plus I want to go back to doing UX so, if you are looking for a kickass UX human, hit me up.

So, what's this?

This is a blog, where I will start pointing out things I think could be improved in Saudi apps (whether web or mobile), from my own perspective, and taking my own assumptions. What I criticize here could be wrong, because I don't know the exact reason behind building that design. For example if you are using a dark pattern design, then I'll shame you here gladly, but that doesn't mean you didn't do well.

I would like my app to be reviewed, what do I do?

Contact me, and I'll be glad to give you the feedback I can, and most probably I'll post it here. We can do it your way.

You reviewed our product, and I want you to delete the post?

I will do that, I don't want to create problems, but to be honest that will extremly bad on your side.

Is this your way of getting hired?

Yes and no. I mainly do this for fun, but I really would love to lead a team of UX designers to make a better design.