Expert UX Reviews

Is this a UX review?

No, we don't do expert UX reviews like this, this is just a quick review of a design, this is a personal critique. There is not a lot of work put into these posts, it's usually 1-3 days of work for these posts.

So how is a UX review?

Well, that would be hugely different, it would need a lot of resources, first of all I need your goals and needs for this review, who are your users, what is your user personas, show me your journey maps, show me you collected stats, and then I'll start reviewing the work. UX reviews will be on both your final product and your early work as in user journeys, personas, tests and so on. And that usually takes weeks.

Okay, when to do a UX review?

You can do it at the start of a building a new version of your product, check where you failed before and how to do it better. It would be smart to use the reviewer at the stage of building the prototypes. Or you can do it when a product is already live and you feel like it's not getting the feedback you expected.

At tkmeel we still do expert reviews, either by friend UX designers or us. So if you want to do one, kindly contact us!